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Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Baby Reflexology, Hypnotherapy

*Live Online courses*

Babistic Baby All in One Course Greater Manchester and Cheshire

Baby massage including baby yoga and baby reflexology (Newborn to pre-crawling)

Integrated 4 week live private online course - Baby massage, baby yoga, baby reflexology and some lovely sensory activities and anxiety reduction techiques for mum/dad. This lovely bonding experience can help with colic, constipation & gas, improved communication, help improve sleep, aid with calming and relaxing your baby and so much more.  To learn more click here


Katie and Megan Claire And Macy Suzi and Ceasar
"The best thing about the course was bonding time with Megan and meeting other mums. Sam really made me feel comfortable in the class, waited until we were ready and listened to us."

Katie with Megan, 4 months
"What I liked best about the class was the laid back atmosphere which made us feel comfortable. Sam the instructor was open and relaxed, always positive and reassuring. Good at correcting when needed. I have learnt what Macy likes, responds to and her dislikes"

Claire with Macy, 5 ½ months
"What I liked best was meeting other mums and babies. I learnt that I can only go as far as he is happy to go. There were lots of general chat about babies which helped me feel comfortable"

Suzy with Caesar, 6 weeks