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What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy that utilises hypnosis.  The aim of hypnotherapy is to relax the conscious part of the mind using various relaxation techniques so you then have heightened focus and concentration and become more open to suggestions in order to bring about change to thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  Hypnotherapy is not new in fact it is said to be over 5000 years old!     Medium Square Logo

What is hypnosis?

We all experience hypnosis on a daily basis, as it's just a state of mind. Examples of these natural states of trance include; being engrossed in a good film or book, just before we are dropping off to sleep, daydreaming and driving a car and can't remember how you got there.   In a state of hypnosis we are able to access the subconscious whilst you are deeply relaxed and then make positive suggestions.

Subconscious mind

All our learnings, memories and associated emotional responses are stored here in the brain and it is responsible for all the autonomic functions of the body like breathing, sweating and other really important bodily functions which we don't have to consciously think about. The subconscious part accounts for around 90% of the brains capacity. Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of accessing the subconscious to make positive changes. 

What can hypnotherapy be used for?

There are so many issues which can be addressed. Here is a list of a few of them.

Will it work for me?

No willpower required just the conscious desire for change, whilst keeping an open mind.  The most important thing is to be fully committed to the therapy.

What happens during a hypnotherapy session?

Firstly we we go through a full consultation and this normally lasts between 40 minutes to 1 hour.   This is currently over the phone and is free.  

We will gather information such as medical, lifestyle, expectations and other relevant information.  Once this has been completed we will be able to ascertain how many sessions may be needed.  

The following session will be where techniques are used will be such as induction (physical and mental relaxation to bring about a state of trance), appropriate therapy (using techniques to address the issues and bring about change), Transition to wakefulness to bring out of your trance, then any questions and reflection.   

During the therapy session an audio recording will be made of your tailored session for you to use at home, which you will be able to play on your phone or device. This will help to reinforce the positive suggestions and visualisations which we have done during the session.   There is no extra charge for this. 

How many sessions will I need?

Some issues may be resolved in a few sessions and some may benefit from a longer-term approach with regular sessions.   All depends on what the issue is. 

Cost of sessions

First session will be up to 90 minutes which includes a full consultation any following sessions will be 60 minutes long.  Includes MP3 recordings to support you with the changes.
Timperley Clinic
One session   - £60 
Fears and Phobias   - 3 sessions £150 
Stop Smoking - 4 sessions £200
Weight Loss-  4 sessions - £200
Hale Clinic
One session - £75
Fears and Phobias - 3 sessions £195
Stop Smoking Package - 4 sessions £260
Weight Loss Package -   4 sessions - £260
Online Video Call Sessions
What you'll need
A high speed broadband connection, 
PC, tablet or phone
Somewhere where you won't be disturbed by pets or children
Cost is the same as the Timperley clinic
Payments are due in full 24 hours before your appointment. 


Where do the sessions take place?


There are three options:

Timperley Clinic

Home therapy room in Heath Road, Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire WA15 6BH

Hale Clinic

Precious Health, Progress House, 17 Cecil Road, Hale, Cheshire, WA15 9NZ. 


Online therapy sessions also available using Skype or Zoom. A high speed broadband connection, PC, tablet, and headphones are essential for the session and where you won't be disturbed. 


There is the possibility of mobile to your own home please contact to discuss  It is essential for home sessions that you have a quiet undisturbed environment.

What training, qualifications does the therapist have?

I trained and qualified with the Academy of Holistic Hypnotherapy which is based in Media City, Salford and has been going for over 17 years and is accredited by the Hypnotherapy Association, which is the largest independent association for practicing hypnotherapists in the UK and is also accredited by Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), which holds the government-approved Register of Hypnotherapists used by the NHS.. The academy's principal Costa Lambrias is described as one of the top hypnotherapists in the county by The Independent who also pioneered Inner Child therapy.   I have taken training through, Uncommon Practioners (Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy), Sussex School of Hypnotherapy and also hypnobirthing through  HypnoBirthing Instute (The Mongan Method) and The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme. 

How do I book?

Free initial phone consultation.  Please contact samantha@babistic.co.uk or 07799 032191 to book your telephone slot.


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