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Reflexology covering general, pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and beyond.


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What is Reflexology and how does it work?

Reflexology uses the feet as a map, or mirror of the whole body. By applying pressure to certain parts of the feet, the aim is to stimulate the body's own healing processes in order to keep it balanced.

Reflexology does not aim to diagnose or cure. It is a non-evasive therapy, encouraging relaxation and stimulation, helping your body re-build its energy resources and recover from illness, improve mood, aids sleep and improves sense of wellbeing.

Here is a video from the AOR explaining what reflexology is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8mWlgKMJZ0

Reflexology may help to
Reflexology may benefit the following

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Who is Reflexology suitable for?

Reflexology is safe for all ages. It is considered safe during pregnancy, provided all is well with your pregnancy. I treat from second trimester onwards. The following contraindications where you should avoid treatment include:

During pregnancy

Symptoms, general aches and pains during pregnancy can be physically demanding and reflexology can help relieve these during this special and life changing time not forgetting general relaxation.

Post 38 weeks

Preparing the body for labour specific points on the feet are targetted to stimulate the glands of the hormonal (endocrine) system which is related to childbirth and also focussing on relaxing the body.  


Many women have reflexology to encourage labour, especially if they are overdue and reflexology helps to stimulate the release of oxytocin, the hormone that starts uterine contractions.

We will talk about visualisation relaxation techniques also to aid the treatment.

Your Partner

Don't forget your partner can feel stressed and worried too. It's a big event for both of you, so why not treat your partner to a session too.

Post natally/ New arrival

Once your baby has arrived you are sure to experience lack of sleep and general exhaustion and this can be really tough in the early days. Also the anxiety of becoming a new parent.  The more calmer and relaxed you are the better benefits for you and your newborn.


"I found the post-natal reflexology a very positive and invigorating experience and would highly recommend it to anyone after giving birth.  After having my second child i felt exhausted on a daily basis and also felt I had no time to myself.  The reflexology session with Sam allowed me to switch off and recharge, it gave me a deep sense of relaxation and release of tension - highly effective!" - Denise K

What happens during a treatment?

At the beginning of the first session a consultation takes place to determine past, present health and how your pregnancy is going (if pregnant). Please allow longer for first session The reflexology treatment is given in a comfortable reclining chair and lasts for around 60 minutes. Afterwards feedback is given and a treatment plan is discussed, if required.

Where does it take place?

At present I am unable to undertake any mobile appointments.